The long-awaited evolution.


Optamizing is already possible.

Opta has evolved! This is the basis for all that I will write to you next. The project you've had previously known has matured, consolidated and is now ready for this new cycle. We truly become a collective, with more faces and with a lot of diversity and pluralism in the mix. Officially, we went from a business project to a non-profit association and with the sky as the limit. Why? Because the power of the collective is infinite and the energy that results from it is equally inexhaustible. This is called Optamize! That in a succinct way, it consists of being an option to evolve as individuals and as a collective / community / territory. The lens will always be at your criteria.

For this process of evolution, we count once more with a powerful supplement: The Inspirina. We followed the prescription of its creative director João Trigo and the result was what we truly expect from this evolutionary cycle. Impressive colors, multiplicity of shapes and graphic elements, fluency and finally a message able to narrate the option that needs to be contextualized. Optamize-it! It is the motto for the future times.

This result galvanizes us and although the whole process has taken a little longer than initially anticipated, we are confident that the community that follows and supports us will review themselves and support the new format.

Once made the public presentation of the new image of Opta, it is now important to understand the new scope and the model to be implemented. The project assumes itself as a collective that catalyses talent and diffuses knowledge. We will seek to develop strategies and initiatives that allow us to captivate talent within a collaborative and activist way to produce knowledge that impacts local communities. The association is based on 4 main axes, namely:

Innovation, Economics and Sustainable Development.
Cultural Identity.
Sustainable Communities and Urban Resilience.

You can find more details about these axes through our Intervention Areas page. The model adopted is identical to any other non-profit association. The project is open to all who wish to be associated or only support (I repeat, actively) this project, either through our volunteer grant or through a donation.

Regardless of the option of each one regarding the type of involvement with Opta, the most important contribution is helping promoting and disseminating the project. The behavioral change that we intend to promote as a collective and assume a new way of being, rather, OPTAMIZE-IT.

See you soon,

Hélder Teixeira

(Founder & Activist)