Localista | The new normal

  • Date
    31 March 2020
  • Duration
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  • Place
    Facebook Live + ZOOM
  • Area
    Social Innovation; Active citizenship
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Event included in the "O Localista" project that promotes active citizenship and social innovation. Given the context of the pandemic COVID-19, this event will have free and open transmission via Facebook Live + ZOOM.

The world has never been tested as it is now. To face the complexity of the times in which we live, everyone will have their role. The social fabric gains (even more) importance and collective intelligence appears as fundamental weapons to face this and future battles. Sharing experiences and reflections in quarantine is the motto for this Webinar. With them, we cannot anticipate the future, but we can certainly be more connected, united and prepared for what will be "the new normal". Participate, share, connect ...that is also ACTION! .