Localista | The good start.

  • Date
    23 July 2020
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    Evento Online
  • Area
    Active citizenship; Social innovation
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Event from the project "O Localista" that promotes active citizenship and social innovation. In this session, the insights from the previous session will be addressed and the possible "deviations" from the predictions of recovery and anticipated consequences in the full context of confinement will be validated.

Despite the uncertainty of the period in which we live, it is time to start over. To this end, we should not ignore the recent learnings and with them in mind, design and implement what will be the good start. One that satisfies not only health and economic needs, but also takes into account other areas of intervention that prove to be equally decisive for building a sustainable and resilient future. In this session, we will address the different points of view gathered in the context of confinement and we will understand what the "deviations" were in view of the common perception about what was about to happen. As usual, the presence and voice of everyone will be welcome and will contribute in a decisive way to the growth of the collective intelligence of our community.